What we buy

We buy a great range of items...


  • Clothes - Jeans, Jackets, Dresses, Cardigans, Tops, Skirts, Shorts, and more.

  • Accessories - Handbags, Shoes, Boots, Wallets, Jewellery, Sunglasses.

  • Baby & Kids - Onesies, Dresses, Jeans, Jackets, Shoes & more.


We are looking for these key things when buying your clothes....



We look for items that are generally current fashion, popular basics, 

vintage pieces or classic trends that don't date. This includes casual, business and evening pieces.


Items should be in excellent condition, clean or freshly cleaned if they have been in storage. Please take the time to carefully sort through quality items. We won't accept items in poor condition.


You may like to refer to the 'brands we love' section on our site, however we also buy brands not listed based on whether it will sell in our store. We take very little from inexpensive retailers as we can't make pricing worthwhile and customers are generally looking for branded and high quality items.

Season & Stock Levels

We do our best to take great items all year-round, but we must also buy based on what we sell. This can be affected by the season and what we currently have in stock in store.