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Looking for a great reason to clean out your wardrobe & not feel guilty buying new clothes?

Selling your clothes gives you that extra incentive to finally clean out your wardrobe, which you may otherwise keep putting off. Our customers either don't have time to sell their clothes online , or have tried a few times without success, and just want a fast and fuss-free solution for quality clothes that they simply don't wear anymore.



It's easy



Register as a customer

Preparing to bring your items in

Processing your items

Making a decision on our offer

In selling to us, we ask you for a few basic details so we can simply identify you and record all incoming stock. This is also for security reasons, as we can't accept goods in exchange for money without ID from the owner of the goods.

This can be done either instore when you drop your items off, or, to fast-track processing, you can download the Preloved Co Customer Form and fill out your details and as much info as possible.

Please take the time to carefully sort through your quality items before you bring them into our store. Items should be in excellent condition and be clean or freshly cleaned if they've been unworn for a while. We recommend that you fold them neatly into a bag, should you need to drop them for processing and return the next day.

If you have decided to pre-complete the customer form, then bring a copy of it with you when you visit us in-store. Otherwise, just bring your items in and we will do the rest.

We will always do our best to process your items as efficiently as possible, however, it will depend on how busy we are at any given day/time.  We will complete the Customer Form together in-store as part of reviewing your items.

There are a few things you can do to fast-track the processing of your items:

1. Download the customer form and complete your details and item details as best as you can.

2. Note down the RRP or best estimate of what you paid for that item to assist us pricing up your items.

Once we've reviewed your clothes in-store, we calculate the Preloved Retail Price based on the information provided on the customer form, and a pricing formula that reflects the current used goods market. Please refer to the How we price page for more info on this.

Your customer form will be completed by us to include our buy price in the form of either money or store credit, so you are able to choose which option suits you. You can either accept or decline the offer, or take a copy of the completed form and have a think about it.